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Application Process

Anderson County Online Learning Academy Application Process

ACIA Phoenix

Please note: Anderson County Online Learning Academy is ONLY available for students who are Anderson County residents.

Dear Prospective ACOLA Student and Parent/Guardian(s):

The Anderson County Innovation Academy (ACIA) has a rigorous selection process for potential ACOLA (Anderson County Online Learning Academy) students.  Online learning is not for all students and the selection process aids us in identifying which students will most likely be successful in ACOLA.  Applicants must be passing all courses, maintaining acceptable attendance, and be free of major behavioral issues.  Below are the steps needed to be accepted into the ACOLA program.

  1. Submit a complete online ACIA/ACOLA Application.  The application link can found here:  

    1. The application window for the Fall 2023 semester closed on July 31, 2023. Applications for Spring 2024 will open on November 1st and will close on January 2nd.

  2. The ACIA School Counselor will review your transcript to determine if…

    1. Your grades are acceptable enough to be considered.

    2. We offer the courses you need to graduate.

    3. Your attendance and behavior are acceptable.

    4. If the ACIA Counselor accepts your transcript, go to #3, if not go to #6.

  3. The ACIA Secretary will schedule a student Odysseyware trial on a Tuesday or Thursday from 4-6 PM (other times may be scheduled on an individual basis).

    1. An ACIA staff member will support the prospective student during the trial period.

    2.  If the student is successful during the trial, go to #4, if unsuccessful or student feels the program is not for them, go to #6.

  4. The ACIA Secretary will schedule a family interview with the ACIA counselor and principal.  Here are some of the items to be discussed in the interview:

    1. Student academic history. (How you got to the point where online learning is attractive.)

    2. Student and family support for online learning.

    3. Rules and expectations of the ACOLA program.

    4. Based on interview results, go to #5 (student accepted) or #6 (application denied).

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! - You are ready to enroll in the ACOLA program.

  6. Your application has been denied and a reason(s) will be given by the ACIA Principal.


Application window for Spring 2024 opens November 1, 2023.

The application window will close on January 2, 2024.

Apply Here! (Applications open on Nov.1 for Spring 2024)